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Whether you are under investigation or have been arrested for a crime in California, it is essential that you contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your career, your family, and your freedom could be on the line, and acting immediately can make all the difference.

Crimes handled by The Law Offices of Brian Bezonsky, APLC

Regardless of what type of crime you are being charged with in California, we can help. This includes lower level misdemeanor charges like driving without a license or on a suspended license, DUI, misdemeanor assault, petty theft, and misdemeanor hit and run, to more complex serious or violent felonies including felony sex crimes, homicides, vehicular manslaughter, large scale drug and weapons offenses, white collar crimes and felony domestic violence, just to name a few. Below is a brief description of some of the crimes that we regularly handle throughout Los Angeles County in our criminal law practice.

  • DUI – when you are charged with DUI (alcohol) you are usually facing a minimum of two charges – driving while intoxicated, and driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater. You also have to deal with a completely separate administrative hearing with the DMV. Many of our clients have been arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence of drugs (illicit or prescribed) when the police and prosecution believe they can prove the drugs impaired the driver.
  • Theft Offenses– under California Penal Code §490.2, you may be charged with the misdemeanor charge of petty theft if you are suspected of stealing goods that are valued at less than $950. When you are charged with stealing items of higher value, you may face felony charges of grand theft. If the prosecution believes they can prove you formed the intent to steal items before you entered the store, you can be charged with commercial burglary. If the prosecution believes they can prove that force or fear was used in any way to take goods or items from a store or another person, you can be charged with robbery, a felony strike offense in California.
  • Drug Offenses – there are numerous criminal charges one may face related to drugs, including possession for personal use, possession for sales, trafficking and manufacturing. These charges can relate to both illicit and pharmaceutical/prescription narcotics.
  • Domestic Violence Charges  – domestic violence is one of the most highly politicized areas in criminal law. It is also an area of law whereby all too many innocent people are arrested and charged, in part due to mandatory arrest laws. A criminal defense attorney is necessary to protect the innocent.
  • Sex Crimes – sex offenses, even at the misdemeanor level, can come with consequences such as lifetimes sex offender registration.  Often, based on little more than the word of one person, one may be arrested and charged with one of numerous sex crimes that carry lifelong and severe consequences. You need an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney when facing allegations of this nature.
  • White Collar Crimes – white collar crimes include embezzlement, securities violations and various fraud charges. In addition to facing possible jail or prison time, a conviction could also result in the loss of professional licensing, making it nearly impossible to find employment. An aggressive defense against these charges is necessary to protect your freedom and your future.
  • Juvenile Crimes – parents of a juvenile who has been charged with a crime often do not know where to turn. At The Law Offices of Brian Bezonsky, APLC we are here to help and serve as an advocate for your child.

Finding out you are under investigation or being arrested and charged with a crime means you are likely under a great deal of stress. Call us immediately to obtain the best legal advice and representation available in Los Angeles County.

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